Lessons from the Afghan Women Who Weave Modern War into an Ancient Tradition

Central Asian women have been weaving intricately designed handmade rugs for thousands of years. But in 1979 rugs began to change dramatically. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan caused the displacement of more than a million citizens and devastated the region. Its effects have had such a profound impact on everyday life that women in Afghanistan … Read more

Acoustic Guitar Solos

Electric guitarists love to play with the sounds they get from different tone settings, effects, the use of different pickups, and feedback. The acoustic guitar has only the tone that gives it the wood from which it is made and the skill and inspiration of the guitarist. So let’s take a look at some acoustic … Read more

Jhdma2a Gene Hope Sparks For Curing Infertility

A new discovery that plays an important role in sperm development could shed light on the problem of male infertility. Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute believe they have discovered that a defect in the Jhdma2a gene could cause some cases of infertility in men. Howard Hughes’ team observed that mice lacking the Jhdma2a … Read more

Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Digital Camera

Digital cameras come in many sizes, colors, brands, zooms, resolutions, reproductions, etc. There are so many features and qualities being pushed into the devices that buyers, especially beginners, feel overwhelmed and stunned by this excellent range of devices. This is also without including the various advertisements and ratings that are used to promote these products. … Read more

Your Auction Business Taxes

Taxes are a problem when running an auction. But is there a gray line when declaring it? It is really reasonable if you are going to make a large amount, a small amount is negligible. Some people want to have a small business to write off, you may want to consider taking it to the … Read more

How You Can Find The Right College Program

There are all sorts of college programs that are available today for those seeking higher education and degrees in a wide variety of fields. The problem often lies in finding the type of education that fits your specific needs. We all learn best through different methods, and identifying your learning method is a great way … Read more


Almost all cultures have developed therapeutic massage systems. Massage techniques play an important role in traditional Chinese and Indian health care. European massage was systematized in the early 19th century by Per Henrik Ling, who developed what is now known as Swedish massage. Physiqu Action Ling believed that vigorous massage could heal by improving blood … Read more


CANCER Don’t confuse goodness with weakness, Cancer – it takes strength to show your sensitive side. While it’s sometimes easy to take your caring nature for granted, this full moon in your sign brings a new and long-awaited appreciation. Just remember that you don’t have to take care of everyone, all the time. Astrologer LION … Read more