Overview on Tow Truck Drivers Stress

Tow Truck drivers and mental stress
They face not only the physical dangers of work, but also work-related financial and mental stress.

Physical Risks

Tow truck drivers connect heavy machinery and heavy vehicles to trucks on a daily basis, putting them at risk for many physical injuries, including:

* Back and neck injuries
* Skeletal muscle injuries
* Repetitive stress injuries
* Sprains and strains

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Tow truck drivers can also be seriously or fatally injured outside their vehicle. Drivers often load vehicles onto the crane on the side of the road, where they run the risk of being hit by oncoming traffic. Another workplace risk is workplace aggression – angry car owners can become violent towards tow truck drivers as their vehicles prepare to be towed.

Financial stress

Local police often call the nearest towing company to remove damaged vehicles from the crash scene. Unfortunately, crane operators are not always rewarded for their efforts; Only comprehensive insurance will cover towing costs.

Basic liability insurance only covers payments to victims injured in an accident caused by their clients and does not compensate for towing. Therefore, drivers with liability packages often abandon their old or damaged cars, leaving towing companies to pay for towing.

A trailer contractor says he has not been paid to tow around 30 vehicles in the past four years. He believes the state should require drivers who cause accidents to pay for towing their own vehicle before registering another.

Mental stress

Tow truck drivers are often called to the scene of horrific accidents. However, unlike firefighters, police and other first responders, they do not have access to formal mental or emotional support systems.

In Pennsylvania, workers who suffer from mental stress due to their working conditions can receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, psychological and emotional injuries are often difficult to prove; In general, workers must be able to demonstrate that their disability was caused by abnormal working conditions. However, if a worker suffers from mental stress following a physical injury sustained at work (for example, if he suffers a debilitating injury leading to depression), his claim may be easier to establish.

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